Who Are You Going to Be Today?

Who Are You Going to Be Today?

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In my previous post, we uncovered what it means to have multiple identities online: the fact that we need them to get jobs, we curate them for our followers or we protect them for the freedom of self-expression. We concluded that it is also very important to be wary of where our personal information ends up.

Reading my fellow bloggers’ posts and having some conversations on this topic, I stumbled upon a very different side of the story and asked myself some other questions.


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Anna created a post on what it means to have a multiple online identity crisis. But after some research on my own, I discovered that the opposite happens as well. A whole different type of crisis.



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Marco Melgrati
Source: Marco Melgrati

Reflecting on my own experience in creating and curating my profiles, I’m guilty of not being 100% authentic. This reminded me of a video (DitchtheLabelORG, 2017) I watched a while ago, portraying the ways people exaggerate their life online.

These situations bring many issues to people that start feeling compelled to live a similar “perfect” life. As a University of Michigan study on young adults found, our Facebook use can predict our well-being and prolonged use of the social media platform boosted the participants’ unhappiness levels (Kross, Verduyn, Demiralp et al, 2013).



My behaviour online and my experience with my online identities don’t tell me as much as I hoped when it comes to the greater issues in the world, but I am able to protect myself from possible threats linked to online exposure, such as cyberbullying or identity theft. As existing solutions are created, though, as many threats to our data security are discovered. Therefore, we must always stay of top of what we have to do to keep our data safe.

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Comments: on Anna’s blog and on Tom’s post.



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